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IQONIQ is a new fan engagement platform that exclusively targets the sports & entertainment world while utilizing blockchain technology to connect the sports world with the fans. IQONIQ includes a digital sports-focused marketplace & NFT platform, and provides a game changing holistic solution for fans, while enabling sport clubs to monetize the value of their global fragmented fan base and assets. With over 100 Sports clubs already partnered with IQONIQ, It provides fans with a richer, rewarding and more personal relationship with their idols and clubs, with a universal, seamless, and gamified loyalty platform and many other features integrated in the IQONIQ App. IQONIQ is building a complete fan-centric ecosystem, and bridging it to the blockchain world, while also providing a digital sports-focused marketplace and a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) platform. Partner companies are able to mint the NFTs, connecting them to the real world- or entirely digital assets. Users can buy and sell sports collectibles and items powered by state of the art decentralized ledger technologies. IQONIQ platform is partly built with blockchain technology. The main features of the technology are utilized in processes where a decentralized ledger technology adds value.
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