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Over the past 20 years, Internet-based technology has been developed, so millions of individual investors participated in various trades of the global financial market. Further, financial transactions and large profits have created tremendous demand and Internet financial trading company for such transactions have grown rapidly. However, traditional regulations and FX controls make it difficult for traders to deposit and withdraw money for trading. Center Coin enables traders to exchange USD for each national currency freely and safely. With this advantage, Center Coin will provide the platform to connect between cryptocurrencies and trading. Most of the current Blockchain is not ideal because it focuses heavily on technology and focuses on creating real use cases. Center Coin's philosophy is not only to build a technically superior chain, but also to build a chain that can be applied to real life. A good block chain should have a much better user experience and performance than the current product in the market. In addition to games and shopping malls, the Center Coin, which is also available in our duty-free shop, will become a game changer as a real life optimized coin.
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