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Volume 24h
$ 39.49
Total Supply
We are working on a Real crypto currency Project ""Bitpakcoin"" ( ICO started in December 2018 with total supply 800 Million and Circulating supply only 200 Million. Where as weekly circulating supply is only 1 million coins. Company has distributed BPAKC coins to its Members only 200 million. Company commited to its Members to launch their coin on public exchange @10th May 2019. Company has fullfilled its commitment and launched on Public exchange on 27th of April 2019. Currently BPAKCOIN is listed on Three public Exchanges.i.e; Exchanges are; 1-Token Store Exchange 2-Altmarkets Exchange 3-Ether Delta Exchange Two more Exchanges are in process of launching BPAKC, it will accomplish soon in the month of May 2019.
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