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The currency listening application scene mainly includes three stages: prize live answering, blockchain game, and voice station. The first phase is based on the function of realizing the blockchain knowledge live broadcast distribution of the currency listening points (BTFM). The purpose is to better spread the knowledge of blockchain. Users can participate in knowledge while learning The broadcast question divides a large number of coins to listen to the platform BTFM; while the platform accumulates a certain amount of data. Create a blockchain user model. The second stage blockchain game, the current currency includes the chicken competition, the currency treasure, the punch card plan, the friend battle, etc.; BTFM is the only chip of the game. The third stage is based on the purpose of enriching the blockchain information and information category to further realize FM radio (or chat) Room), this function will be combined with red envelope rewards, prize quiz and other activities at the same time, and will be live on the past Filter, generate lessons and support playback. Provide investors with a better interactive platform, professional investment Funders can share investment advice on the platform for primary investment reference and learning; professional investors through live broadcast Courses, receive points incentives, and realize knowledge realization.
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