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New generation religion based on bitcoin decentralized blockchain. Bitcoin5000 – an unprecedented cryptocurrency project that was created during the broadcast on Twitch. This is an incredible mixture of digital religion, reality show, art and self-education project in real-time. We strongly believe in the unconditional success of Bitcoin5000, therefore, we are inclined to consider it to become the future digital religion of great promise for generations to come.. Objectives of our project are various: to restore nowadays unfortunately lost trust between people and faith in humanity, to create and promote an unprecedented digital religious movement as well as to struggle against the lawlessness of organized criminal groups concealed by the authorities. Therefore, we are aimed at helping people and praying for “The Holy 5K”. Our idea is neat and simple: 5K. We believe in Bitcoin5000. We proudly proclaim and write “5K”, for us it is no less than a sacred phrase or mantra. We believe in Bitcoin5000. It should always cost 5,000 currency units. There is no ending goal, however, the first point is 5000 satoshi.
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