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BigBang Game (BBGC) is operated and managed by BBGC Foundation. The headquarter of BBGC is in Singapore and has strategic cooperation with FULIFE Stable, Singapore Horse Racing & Equestrian Community.FULIFE Stable is a star project led by DAVID, who is the winner of Singapore JCI Top Ten Outstanding Youth World Awards.Additionally, DAVID is also an outstanding entrepreneur serving in Temasek Polytechnic.VALUE-- BBGC combines two-way effectively to reduce the intermediate links and realize the value revision of game, technology and people, which will have a subversive impact on traditional games.GENERAL-- BBGC is committed to breaking the barrier in centralization, achieving the connectivity in the game system, actualizing the effectiveness in communication and promoting a game innovation.SAFETY-- BBGC uses RSA asymmetric encryption technology to ensure the security of user’s information and assets, and adopts the distributed storage technology to guarantee the permanent existence of user’s accounts.ECOSYSTEM -- BBGC adopts a new POT-B mechanism and opens its ports across API platform to build a complete game ecological advantage of BBGC.PROFESSIONAL-- The BBGC team invites well-known experts and technical teams from Europe, America and Asia-Pacific to league, Aiming to provide a better BBGC experience for players all over the world..In 2019, the world becomes so dynamic that the BBGC is trying to become the leader of the block-chain game platform.Let the brave us start our together!
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