BHEX Token

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BHT is the abbreviation for BHEX Token, being the platform token for BHEX ecosystem. BHT is the decentralized asset issued on the Ethereum blockchain for BHEX ecosystem, with a total issuance size of 2.1 billion. It will be gradually burnt until the total size reduces to 1.05 billion. BHT is used for the development and incentive of BHEX ecosystem. The intrinsic value of BHT is totally based on BHEX business ecosystem, it includes but not limited to: BHDM BHEX Decentralized Blockchain Asset Market Usage Scenario: BHT is the universal token for the whole DiFi market. BHEX Decentralized Custody & Clearing Chain Usage Scenario: BHT will be used for the Gas fee for the associated public chain. BHEX Matrix Cloud SaaS Service Usage Scenario: BHT will be used for service fee, Security Deposit, consulting fee, partnership incentive, etc. BHEX Exchange Usage Scenario: BHT will be used for paying the trading fee, membership premium, voting, etc.
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