45.83 %
Change 24h
June 2, 2013
Market Cap
$ 0
Volume 24h
$ 227.77
Total Supply
Anoncoin is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency that focuses on privacy and anonymity for its users. Anoncoin’s anonymity features depend on use of the I2P darknet and Tor. Zerocoin is currently being developed that would act as a laundering pool at the protocol level. The I2P (Invisible Internet Project) network aims to make it impossible for anyone, including internet service providers, to determine where the Anoncoin client is being run. At this point, Anoncoin transactions are still traceable via the public block chain, but the location at which the coin is spent is untraceable. Anoncoin is a Scrypt based coin with a total supply of 3.1 million coins and the average block time is approximately 3 minutes. For more information, visit Anoncoin's wiki.
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