Android chain

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Android chain is the first robot autonomous matrix system built using the underlying technology of blockchain. To create a decentralized and peer-to-peer trading ecosystem that serves the global artificial intelligence industry, create a globally-operated artificial intelligence group chain for use in the field of intelligent robots, and promote the development of the artificial intelligence economy and its industrial chain. The robots targeted by the Android chain are intelligent service-oriented robots. Each robot can operate as a single node. The whole system is built on the principle of “distributed”. Each robot is actually the storage point of the data it serves, and it is also the value bearer of the data. They naturally have the functions and advantages of uploading data, downloading data, managing data and analyzing data, and compared with traditional computers, they The application of blockchain is more advantageous, and the value of all Chains can be more directly and conveniently converted into machine-to-human, machine-machine interactions.
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