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AeriumX (AEX) is a digital social currency designed to transform the way that microblogging and social media platforms are monetised, and help support freedom of expression online. Users of AeriumX will be able to make swift, anonymous micro-payments online with the click of a button to reward those who produce the media content they enjoy most. AeriumX is a cryptographically secure currency. It is open source, not owned or governed by any single person or organization, and operates without any trusted third party authority. Its network is secured by thousands of nodes all around the world by its users. AeriumX will be used to power a decentralised social ecosystem consisting of payment plugins for existing microblogging and social media platforms, known as AeriumPay solutions, as well as powering a custom-built decentralised microblogging platform, known as AeriumJournal, and a custom-built decentralised social media platform, known as AeriumSocial.
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