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ACE is a Hyperconnected Entertainment Coin, an EOS-based utility token that is used directly in the entertainment business carried out by ACE Entertainment LLC, a Georgian company and its ACE Alliance partners or as a token to share the profits of business activities. ACE holders contribute to decision-making and healthy growth of the ACE ecosystem by participating as a member of the ACE token economy system, and in exchange for this, they share the benefits of ecosystem growth. ACE is a utility token at the center of the entertainment ecosystem developed by ACE Entertainment, for direct use in the ACE ecosystem or participation in decision-making on platform operations and sharing profits from ecosystem growth. ACE is used for entertainment services provided by ACE Entertainment and its business partners. And ACE holders can commit ACE to share profits from entertainment service operations ACE can also be used for various entertainment including gaming platforms, mind sports game activities, food and beverages, and retail.
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